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We understand that and you concern about security of data you provide us when you outsourced you data entry project other outsourcing project. We develop confidential working with every of our client information. AimDataSoft do always and make a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client and SIGN it. We use Data security policy to ensure that you have get secure data outsourcing projects.

Data Security & Confidentially with the help of sign NDA is through the following actions:

  • Office Site Security: Our promise is protected with Access to customer data by authorized personnel only and Electronic security doors to ensure restricted access. Also Surveillance cameras that monitor our offices day and night.
  • Data Security: All information, data provided by client will be confidential and strictly the property of our respected client. We use Firewalls and intrusion detection technology. And the Main part of that A confidentiality agreement signed by all data entry operators working on your project.
  • Network Security: Firewalls and the latest versions of antivirus software. System-access policies offering limited access to select Team of our company. Security policies for network access and passwords.
  • We have trained experts and professionals in our company who are responsible to take proper care of your sensitive documents.
  • Secure USB drive, VPN protection and secure network, Secure network firewalls.
  • Well professional team and Background checks on employees.

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